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Heading to Alpha

So up until now I've been working on just constructing bits and pieces of Pax Et Belli more or less as I felt like it. I think I've got something fun coming together, but until I bring it all together into something playable and put it in front of people, I won't know that for sure. Certainly every time so far that other people have played, I've wound up changing things quite significantly. So on Tuesday, I decided that it's time to stop meandering, and aim for something playable. It's quite a different headspace, and a whole new To Do list of things to work on! Instead of working on new things that I want to add, it's more about looking at what I've got and making it better - don't want


It is a truth universally acknowledged that doing something you really want to do will usually involve doing some stuff you'd rather avoid. Thus I find myself taking a break from building up towards an alpha of Pax Et Belli to get all my marketing/PR/social/etc started off. I'm not normally talkative on social media at all, so it feels weird to be doing this stuff - putting myself and what I'm doing out there. Kind of freeing though too :) So, my plan is that every Saturday I'll come back here and let you know whats cooking. I'm looking forward to the journey!

And so it begins!

I've been tinkering with games for many years - once professionally, mostly as a hobby. My latest project has reached the point where it's time to show the world, so welcome to the my new place, and the home of Pax Et Belli!

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