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Happy Monday!

Well, looks like you can't get rid of me that easily. Here I am for week #2, full of thoughts and energy for another week. I got so many things done last week that I'd been wanting to do for ages, so that felt pretty amazing!

The main focuses for this week are finishing off the 'you can build here' effect and working on the UI. But given how my plans for last week went, I'm as curious as you to see what I actually end up doing!

The effect itself is good enough for now, but it actually required a significant change to how I'm rendering things under the hood, which has naturally caused the game to run a bit slower, so I want to sort that out, basically. It's also stuffed up a few things, like the planet surface casting shadows on the 'core' that it comes out of.

Games like Before live and die on their user interface. It's vital that you can tell at a glance what buildings do, what they cost to build and run, what resources you have, and whether your resources are coming in nicely or not. Pretty much all of that info is there somewhere at the moment, but it needs to be presented much better. I'm not going to try to make things pretty - that comes way later - but I can definitely do functional :)

Oh, and the never ending pile of end-of-year-accounting stuff may actually have an end. But I haven't reached it yet. Maybe today...

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