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Competitions and introductions

I've done it! I've submitted Before to The Pavs! I doubt I'll place, but it's still worth a go :)

As for the rest of the week, it went pretty much to the plan from Mondays post, plus a metric boatload of UX polishing and work with the artist getting things looking just how he wanted them.

An aside : Up till now I've been referring to 'the artist' for the simple reason that I know some people are sensitive about what goes out about them on the intertubes, and I hadn't yet checked with the artist about their opinion. Someone pointed out that it seemed weird, so I checked and I can now announce that 'the artist' is the super talented Rafał Urbański from Poland!

On top of that, I've had first proper working-together meetings with a sound designer (from NZ) and a marketing/PR guy (from USA). I'll introduce them too, just as soon as contracts and all that are sorted out :)

Given all the polishing that I've done this week, I'm feeling super proud of how the game looks and feels now. How proud, you ask? Try this:

I think that's pretty darn proud-worthy, don't you?

Next week will be all about actual new features I swear!

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