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Time to break stuff

Good morning, fellow travelers on the highway of life :)

I come to you having already eaten a couple of frogs that I'd been dragging my feet on - getting a contract drafted and reconciling my bank accounts. Does anyone out there enjoy this stuff? Hands up? Anyone?...

But now that that's all out of the way I can get onto much more fun stuff. The focus for the last while has been on improving and polishing what I had, so that I could have something good to submit to The Pavs and ready to take to GDC in 4 weeks. I've achieved that now (although the demo I take to GDC will be updated with any stable updates I make till then).

So the focus for this week is on breaking stuff! The long term goal is to add more breadth to the experiences that Before offers - a campaign mode in particular - but for that to happen there are other things that need to happen first. In order for the campaign (and sandbox and any other game modes I do) to have enough variation to be interesting, I need to add more features. Things like different island biomes, tiles with different effects, more complex interactions with resources (optional resources, choices of what resources to use in certain buildings, peep happiness changes if they eat different types of food) and so on.

In order to reach the point I have with a relatively polished experience, certain things have become a bit too set in stone, so it's time for the jackhammer. Safety goggles everyone!

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