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New team member!

I, personally, haven't actually gotten much done this week - a task that was supposed to take 2 days has taken 3.5 and counting, but it's all for a good cause - we've got a new programmer on board! Isaac is working with me now, having come from a background of a Fine Arts degree and a bunch of cool self-taught coding prototypes.

So for me, this week has been largely bringing Isaac up to speed. So far he's added a whole new kind of building - the Market Square, where luxury resources are created to boost the peeps happiness - and even more awesome, has been working away on creating smooth paths for spaceships to follow that do cunning things like don't fly through the sun!

It's not "realistic", but it's a whole heap better than what was there before, and it's been great seeing a new programmer get to grips with my, umm, idiosyncratic code.

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