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Mama Monkey says Hello!

Kia ora tatou!

Just for a change of pace, and because Chief Monkey has his PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB sign on his desk, I thought I might jump in and write something! My name’s Anna, and I’m Sam’s wife. I am also, finally, OFFICIALLY, the Managing Director of Balancing Monkey Games. I started working in our nice new office with the other monkeys last week, and it’s been a blast.

Actually, it’s been the opposite of a blast – it’s been quiet, peaceful, constructive and productive. I’m loving it. I have A LOT to learn, because I’m coming from a management position in a completely unrelated industry, but I’m really excited about the possibilities for this game and for our little company.

Me being here means the others can get on with their game-related stuff (updates coming soon yay!) while I do the boring bits like pay the payroll and reconcile the bank account and make sure that everything we do has a purpose and comes in on time and on budget. You know, like a mum. I guess that makes me Mama Monkey?

Keep an eye out for more from the team here at Balancing Monkey HQ. Oo, perhaps I could take a photo of our nice new office, since it’s a brilliant sunny day today! Here you go!

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