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Before We Leave

Your People Have Spent Generations Underground

Your Peeps have spent generations underground. They’ve missed the caress of sun on skin, the squelch of soil between toes, the tickle of flies on noses. They emerge, full of wonder, but with no idea how to grow anything - except potatoes. Rebuild their lost civilisation by providing shelter, uncovering ancient technology, and expanding this reborn society to other continents and planets.



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8.6 / 10

The Games Machine


The Games Machine


“Space whales! Before We Leave brings us space whales! And along with them, a polished city builder which takes known tenets of the genre to forge its own direction.”

The Games Machine

"I’m actually surprised by how disarmingly cute, charming and engaging Before We Leave really is. I’ve always been able to fire up strategy games and wind up losing a few hours before I’ve realized what’s happening, but Before We Leave is especially good at it."

Wolf’s Gaming Blog

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