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Beyond These Stars Presskit



Balancing Monkey Games Ltd

Based in Dunedin (Ōtepoti)

Aotearoa New Zealand

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Before We Leave: 9 May 2020


162 Hillside Road, South Dunedin,
Dunedin 9012, New Zealand





Beyond These Stars is a city building game set on the back of a giant Space Whale. Driven to explore the mysteries of the cosmos, the denizens of Beyond These Stars risk everything to settle on the back of Kewa, a majestic creature who travels the stars. Players will have limited room and materials with which to build their civilization, and the main question this spacefaring city builder asks is, how will players use this second chance they’ve been given?

Beyond These Stars is not just about developing the city and its resources, but also about developing a relationship with Kewa. Will players exploit Kewa’s resources for gain, no matter the cost? Will they try to live in harmony with Kewa? Players can also try and influence where they go, but using too much force comes with its own consequences.

Building an entire civilization cannot solely be achieved on the back of one Space Whale, however. As Kewa travels through a procedurally generated cosmos, they will pass other planets that could hold vital resources. Establishing outposts on these worlds will help further meet the needs of the citizens, provided Kewa can be persuaded to stick around long enough to extract them. And Kewa isn’t the only majestic creature travelling the depths of space - who else will you encounter, and what will you do when you meet them? 


Beyond These Stars is the second game created by Balancing Monkey Games® with development starting in 2022. The sequel to Before We Leave, Beyond These Stars is made in partnership with publisher Hooded Horse Inc. and with support from the New Zealand government via the Centre Of Digital Excellence (CODE).


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Team & Collaborators

Creative Director

Sam Barham

Lead Programmer & Technical Artist

Isaac Bennett

Community Manager & Narrative Designer

Emily Latta

Managing Director

Anna Barham

Producer & Social Media Manager

Sarah Latta

Lead Artist

Tom Garden

Programmer & Game Designer

Mereana Johnston

QA Analyst & Customer Support

Nina Morse


Hooded Horse Inc.

Sound Designer

James Dean, Akau Audio


Benedict Nichols

3D Artist

Rafał Urbanski, BrainChild Art

UI & Game Design Consultants

Andrea & Bob Roberts, Wonderbelly Games

Production Consultant

Sam Cook, Artifact 5

Built Using

Unity by Unity Technologies, Unity by Unity Technologies, Unity by Unity Technologies, FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd., Hexasphere by Arscan, Planet Generator by Andy Gainey, Spacescape by Alex Peterson, Planetary Atmospheric Scattering by Christopher Silvas, Sun Shader by Panteleymonov Aleksandr, Stylized Water Shader by Staggart Creations, Ultimate VFX by Mirza Beig, Amplify Occlusion by Amplify Creations, I2 Localization by Inter Illusion, Vectrosity by Starscene Software