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In the end, every game is about choices. Different genres and sub-genres have different choices, everything from "exactly when do I press the button to avoid Exploding Laser Death" to "will invading Poland now mean that I can't fend off Turkey later". And getting those choices just right is, I think, part of the core of designing a good game. It's not just the choices of course. There's also the ways that you indicate that a choice needs to be made, the ways that you feedback that the choice is done, the ways, both subtle and obvious, that the choice changes things in the game. But it still comes back to the choices you're asking the player to make. And why, you ask, am I wittering on ab

First Video!

It's time! First video clip for Pax Et Belli! This shows exploration of the world, which is the first of the 4X gameplay pillars (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate). Nothing much else to report - haven't had much game time this week, and I've been spending it on optimising rendering. Turns out that iterating over every tile in the planet and asking each one if the player has explored it is rather slow.

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