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It's aliiiive!!

Just a short post - I'm off the to the Whare Flat Folk Festival for a few days, but I just had to show what I made. This screenshot shows a civilisation entirely built by my first attempt at AI. It's exploring and creating cities and sending resources where they are needed. Just need to make it react to threats and research technology and the first attempt will be ready for play!

I'm back!

Hi peeps! Just a short note to say that I'm back into things now. After some thought, and some much needed discussion and feedback with one of the people that have tried Pax et Belli (Thanks Elgar!) I'll be adding a first pass AI next, which is both exciting and scary. AI is probably the game-programming related task I've done the least of. My university honours thesis was on genetic algorithms, but that was so long ago that I had to fight off dinosaurs on the way to class every day. But AI is also the biggest missing feature, and will add huge amounts to the playability (and so testability), so it's time! Wish me luck :)

Progress and the risks of burnout

Well, today's post is a bit of a seesaw. TL:DR? Alpha is showing some good stuff, but I'm taking a break from working on the game. So, first the good stuff. Some peeps have taken a look at the Alpha I posted about recently. Conclusion was that it needed work in some specific areas, so that was great to find out! Barbarians are now easier, UI has some extra bits and so on. Like I said last time, sometime soon I'll be needing some wider testing, so if you want to let have a go, shout out! (Although 'soon' may be a while yet...) Unfortunately, there's a cloud around this silver lining. I've noticed recently that it's been hard to make myself work on the game, which is one of the first sig

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