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Demolition, testers wanted and updated website

It's no good being able to build entire buildings with the click of a button without also being able to tear them down. I'm most of the way through adding demolition of buildings to Before. Once I've done that, the next thing to add is a bunch of alerting stuff - so that you know when your buildings aren't producing because of having no raw materials, or your people aren't going to work because they're hungry. Once those are out of the way, I'm thinking it'll be full steam ahead adding more production chains to the game, aiming for having all the pieces needed to construct (sailing) ships, which will then allow for exploration and expansion, which is the point I'm hoping to reach before as

Roads! Buildings!

I just realised today that it's been a while. How's it going? Good? Same here! On the game front, I've been beavering away adding the initial gameplay elements to Before. I'm planning on going to NZGDC (for the first time!) and I'm wanting to take along a good demo version to show to people. But I've also, thanks to the wonderful work of Synty Studios from NZ, added trees and buildings, which add so much to the look of the thing. And just tonight I've finished adding proper roads (apart from a few bugs, of course) I could probably find a better way of doing them (feel free to suggest one) but I went with the simple brute force of drawing out each unique version of roads, for all of the 5,

The beginning of "Before"

Whelp, here you go! First screenshot of a village with functioning tool-construction chain, plus houses and food and water. Obviously I'm going for functionality first :) So the general idea is that you're sandwiched between the end of civilisation and the literal end of the world (as in, the whole planet is destroyed at the end of the game, whether destroyed by a meteor, eaten by a space-whale or crushed by a super-giant squid). In order to survive, you need to build your tribe up to the point where they can assemble scrappy steam-punkish rocket ships to escape in. Actual gameplay will be similar to Settlers/Anno 1404. To reinforce the end of civilisation, the 'mountains' (tall black tiles)

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