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Testers wanted! Entering a competition! Ships!

Well! I've decided to submit Before to the Kiwi Game Starter competition, which is run as part of the NZGDC. The submission date is just over a week away, so I'm madly trying to get everything I need together. Looks like I'll make it though! And along with that, I could really use some more testers! If you'd like to give Before a go in it's current early state, drop me a line. I'd really appreciate it! Also... Ships!

Artist commission available

Hi peeps! Well, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve got a commission available for an artist/technical artist/art director type person to help me out on the game I’m building. You can see some programmer-art screenshots at Important note : This is a hobby/passion project for me, so we’re talking a few hours here and there, not a full time job. While this project is going to be ongoing for quite some time, I’ve also got a personal deadline of wanting to have something ready for the NZGDC (1-3 August). I’m deliberately going for a low colour, low polygon art style, also trying to invoke a boardgame-like feel. While I will need someone(s) to

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