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Clouds, look and recording tools

Not a very catchy title I know, but my brain is so fried :) This week has once again been pretty much all about making the game look just as good as can be, leading up to starting to capture footage for the announcement soon. So without further ado may I present the final look for the trailer, barring inevitable and interminable tweaking: Also, we now have just the cutest clouds ever seen: I've also been busy on the internal programming, setting up systems that will allow me to replay recorded games, and to set up cameras to automatically move through while replaying. That way I can create the action I want to record and then record (and re-record) footage without having to personally run

Capturing a mood

So this week started out a bit ... difficult. I was talking to Chris, who had been thinking about what we need to do to build a trailer to officially announce the game. He was concerned that the overall feeling of the visual and audio experience wasn't really pulling together - different aspects of the game were 'saying' different things. So I sat down and wrote a 'Mood pitch' document - something that all those of us working on the game can use to get on the same page about the audiovisual mood/emotion/feeling of the game. And it looks like it's worked! There's still a way to go to gather everything together, but between installing a new graphical postprocessing effect (an Ambient Occlu


Hello again, how's it going? Good, good, that's great to hear! What have I been doing, you say? Well most of the week I've been putting in more buildings from Rafal and constructing the tutorial/quest instructions for the first level of the campaign, but that's not what I want to talk about today. We've been thinking about how we can add more life and movement to the game, so today I added clouds! They're a bit early, but you hopefully see what I'm going for. The idea is to have clouds wandering around, but clear them away from where the camera is looking and where the mouse is, so that you can always see what you're doing. Once I've tidied up the movement a bit more and made them look f

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