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Buttery smoothness

This week my focus has been back on building an announcement trailer for the game. If you recall, I had one that I was pretty happy with, but then the scope of the game changed, and everyone felt that the trailer needs to change with it (and needed some work anyway). Unfortunately things had moved in the code on since I made the old trailer, so I couldn't just reload the old stuff I had and go from there. Having built new shots for the trailer I produced something that I was really happy with, except that there was this annoying hitching in the framerate. After some investigation I realised that I'd made a mistake in the core simulation of the game - it was running way more often than it


Hi all! Just a quick post today. I've mostly been working away on building the larger-scale gameplay that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It's not all working yet, but I've done enough that I can at least show you what it's going to look like! The idea is that you can colonize multiple planets in the solar system, and create trade networks between them just like you can do between islands on a single planet. There will be more to see here - both challenges and opportunities, but I hope you get the idea. I've got it to the point where you can launch wee spaceships and send them off to new planets to colonize them. Being able to trade between them is coming along, but has a few snarls

All the things are happening

Hi all! So much has happened in the last few weeks that I don't even know what to talk about. I haven't blogged for the last couple of weeks because I've been reaching the end of Friday with a screeching handbrake turn, having been working flat out, and writing a blog just hasn't fit into the remaining brain cells. Before I go into what's been happening over the last few weeks, a request... I'd love to know what you all out in the wilds of the internet want to know! Stick in a comment or drop me a line however, tell me what you want me to talk about more. Am I saying enough or not enough? More technical stuff, more nontechnical stuff, whatever! So for the last few weeks, I've been doin

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