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The aftermath...

So we're now a week and a bit past the announcement. It's been quite a week! I've been contacted by lots of people offering services from localisation to music to publishing, which is pretty cool. The Discord server is now at over 2000 people, with well over 300 active at any given time. And we've got a nice number of Steam Wishlists - if you haven't already please wishlist the game, it helps little developers like me enormously in terms of our visibility to the game buying public! The other big news of the week is that on Tuesday I announced that applications to join the first group of Alpha testers were open on the Discord. Over 300 people applied for just 20 slots, which was awesome!

Um, so, that happened

So two days (60 hours ago to be nearly exact) we announced Before We Leave to the world, and the response has been ... humbling. The art style, the non-violent gameplay and the idea of space whales seem to have all resonated very well with people, which is just such an amazing boost! Of course I hoped for something like this, but I never dared to expect it! I like numbers, so: The trailer has been viewed nearly 70,000 times across YouTube and Twitter The Discord server has gone from ~40 to over 1000 users That I know of, 8 game press sites have put up articles about the announcement, including PC Gamer, Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun In particular the Discord server has just exploded. If a

Moving ever onwards

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks and no mistake! The main focus has been on getting everything ready for a proper announcement of the game, so lots of trailer editing and getting the Steam 'Coming Soon' page ready and so on. All of a sudden (nearly) everything fell into place today, so watch a social media platform near you for something coming in the very near future! On top of that, a small idle game that we commissioned to be played within the Before We Leave Discord server was installed this week. It's kind of like a super-miniaturized version of the real game, so if you want a preview of things to come, head along and take a look at that. And as if that wasn't enough, Rafal came

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