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Ships, NZGDC and ...

Since the last update on here I had a bit of health-related slow progress (look after your backs, kids!), but that's all in the past thankfully! This week I spent most of the week implementing a whole new way of controlling how your ships move resources around. In Before We Leave, controlling how your resources move about is one of the central challenges, so it needs to be both easy to control and interesting to play with. Within a single island resources are automatically fetched as needed by your citizens, but getting them between islands (and ultimately between planets!) is up to you. My plan is to keep this all out 'on the planet', rather than hidden in a big separate screen - in games

New Feature Week

Things have been going really well in Before We Leave land. The Alpha testing has been going so well that I decided to take a break from fixing bugs and make this New Feature week - adding a bunch of new content to the game instead of working on what was already there. To that end I added: Desert and Snow Islands Up until now all the islands in Before We Leave have been the same grassy plains, so the first order of business was to shake that up with new island types. On Desert islands there's no water and food won't grow except in tiny Oases, but they're the only place you can find the raw materials for Glass. * On Snow islands you need to make sure your citizens are warm and protected in

Alpha testing

The title pretty much says it all. I know that 'Alpha test' and 'Beta test' mean different things to different people, but to me Alpha means 'whole chunks of the product aren't built yet, but there's enough here that you can start testing parts of it', whereas Beta means 'everything's built, but we know it's buggy, so it's not ready for release yet'. Now you know! This week has been full on with getting heaps of feedback and bugs reported and dealing with lots of it. The game is way more solid already which is super awesome. There's always more to do, of course, but it's been a huge help. It's also amazing seeing strangers playing the game and enjoying it and talking about it, so if any

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