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Smoothing gameplay

With the release of the space gameplay to the Alpha testers last week, the start of this week was predictably working through a small mountain of resulting feedback. Testers are wonderful at finding the most random things that you haven't thought of, so that can actually be quite entertaining at times, seeing the daft situations that bugs can create! Once the big things were out of the way, I turned my attention to something that I've also been looking forward to for a while, which is starting to smooth out the existing gameplay over the full play time. Up until now, because testers could only access one planet, all the existing gameplay was frontloaded - all happening on that one planet.


I've been quiet for a wee while because I've been hard at work adding (back in) a really major feature of Before We Leave. Up until now, the players int eh Closed Alpha could construct spaceships, but couldn't launch them, and now at long last they can. We're off into space!! As well as doing a bunch of work to get the old space gameplay that I created ages ago (only so that I could get it started, and create some screenshots for store pages and the like), I also significantly changed the way that I render, or more correctly, position planets. Up until now, when you were looking at a planets surface, it was at the centre of the world, and the sunlight was always coming from over your righ

Transporting Peeps

I've finally added a feature to Before We Leave that I've been wanting to add for ages! Up until now, each island you colonise was completely separate in terms of the peeps that live on it, but no more! Now when you create ships, some peeps go into them as crew, and then come out again if you use the ship to colonise a new island, and once you have Ports set up on your islands you can load and unload peeps, allowing them to be transported between islands. This is going to make all sorts of things easier and more dynamic for the player, and it also plugs a hole in the 'fantasy' of the game - up until now no one was piloting ships, and when you colonised a new islands a few starting peeps ju

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