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The only constant

So all of a sudden the entire world has changed! We're now in day 2 of our Coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand. Luckily I already work from home, and my kids are old enough to look after themselves mostly, so it's actually almost like normal for me, which is very lucky, but also feels very strange! As for progress on Before We Leave, over the last couple of weeks it's mostly just been business as usual - fixing and polishing heaps of stuff, directing people working on final art, UI, sound and music etc. It's kinda hard to pull anything out of that to report, but I'll try! We've rewritten the tutorial to be more friendly and streamlined We've added even more graphical polish - stuff like n

Beta Progress

Hi everyone! It's time for a progress report on the Beta of Before We Leave! The reason that I haven't posted for a while is at the end of each week heaps of stuff has happened, but it's all largely heaps of undifferentiated 'making stuff betterer', so it felt hard to post about, plus so much had happened over the week that my brain was fried and I didn't want to post! But I promised myself that today I'd break that, so here I am! The Beta for Before We Leave has been going awesomely! We've spent a large chunk of the time since it was released fixing many many boatloads of bugs, both in some of the larger features that changed in the initial Beta release, but also tackling some major thin

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