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Plans and campaigns

As promised, this week was mostly about making plans. An extremely important milestone along the path to releasing a game, and to building a community to help support the game and make it successful is of course to publicly announce it's existence - to get word of it out to the public, not just people that happen to follow this blog or my twitter. To that end, this week we've come up with a (very early) plan for when that announcement will be, and for what needs to happen between now and then! This is both in terms of preparing marketing and community stuff, and also in terms of what needs to be in the game, because the intention is for the announcement to also be the announcement of a cl

Post GDC

Well I did it! I've been to GDC!! It was an amazing and overwhelming experience. I learned heaps and met lots of great people and showed Before We Leave around as much as I could, which was all awesome. On the other hand, it turns out that jet-lag + post conference blues suck pretty hard too! Anyhoo, the plan for this week is mostly just to catch my breath and think through the things I've learned from GDC, both in terms of sessions and play testing. Easily the biggest takeaway is that building a community is the #1 tip top must do for games to succeed these days, so I'm going to start planning that out properly now that I've got a bunch of stuff about just what to do.

Kia kaha

I have to say, I'm feeling conflicted about writing this blog. This week in New Zealand has been ... difficult, but frankly I don't want to give unnecessary headspace to the evils of this world so that's enough. For me, this week has mostly been about getting ready for GDC. We've updated the front website (go take a look!), made a 'trailer' to show people on my phone and I've done all the getting-ready-to-travel stuff I can think of. I also got to the point where I didn't want to do anything significant in the code for fear of breaking the demo I'm taking away with me, so I made a branch and started adding 'doohickeys'. The idea here is that there are tiny wee things scattered around the


So there's a term in game development that I've been becoming familiar with this week : 'Juice'. It refers to making your game feel good to interact with - making things stretch and bounce and bleep and bloop as the you touch them. Before We Leave has been a bit lacking in that department, so this week I've been adding a bunch of it. Juice can pretty much only be seen in motion, so this week we have videos! Juice while exploring (Notice how tiles crest like a wave): Juice while placing buildings: Juice while moving a ship: I'm feeling really happy with that! Next week, at least in theory, is going to be much less game development, much more video/website/business card/demo practice so tha


Apologies for missing the Monday post - I really didn't have anything to say, because I wasn't actually sure what I was going to do this week! In the end I wound up doing heaps: I fixed loading and saving. This has been broken for ages because I don't use it much yet, but for GDC I want to take several save games to show different stages through a game, so that was important Found out nearly half my rendering was going into trees, so I got some simpler models, which sped things up a bit Made it so that buildings can occupy multiple tiles. This really matters for things that just don't make sense being small, like warehouses and spaceship launch pads Added heaps more notifications, to help

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