"Sweat with Pride is a wonderful reason to get up and get moving!"

Kia ora everyone, and happy Pride month!

After this picture was taken, I went back to my usual routine of being half dead post workout.

Last year, our game designer and programmer Mereana and I celebrated Pride Month by Twitch streaming the prototyping process for a hypothetical Space Whale Dating sim. This year, we're doing Sweat With Pride - a Pride month challenge for queer people and allies alike to get up and get moving. Honestly, it’s rather convenient for us - as game developers, we tend to sit at our desks all day! Our backs and knees complain loudly at us. Sweat with Pride is a wonderful reason to get up and get moving!

Our studio is over 1/3 queer - 37.5% to be exact - so "fighting discrimination with perspiration" is a must for us! We pledge to move at least 21 minutes a day to celebrate Pride and support our rainbow employees and whānau. I’ll be aiming to do at least 21 minutes of yoga every day, on top of my regular weightlifting routine. My lovely colleagues are going to be doing a combination of walking, bouldering, and perhaps even yard work to get their sweat on.

Feel free to donate, or even simply cheer us on in our Discord. Funds raised will go to Burnett Foundation Aotearoa and fund projects in partnership with RainbowYOUTH, OutLine, and Tīwhanawhana to improve the mental and physical health of Rainbow communities in Aotearoa.

Thanks for reading - it's time for us to get sweatin'.