"There's tons still to come!"

Another fortnight, another sprint!

Sam has been working on new UI elements with diagrams! Inspired in part by Anno 1800, we’re hoping it will make decision-making easier and quicker for players. (Once again, please bear in mind that all images are of work in progress.)

I love a good diagram.

Sam and Isaac together have been working on an overlay which shows what resources are available where on the map.

Isaac has been working on the edges of the hexagonal tiles - they're now bevelled and roughed up, which makes the world on Kewa's back look so much more real. It also has the advantage of hiding some pesky texture seams! Of course, this is just a first pass, and Tom or Rafał will make better textures so Isaac’s initial efforts work well for different tile types. Isaac also reassured us that there’s tons of environmental assets still to come. 

Wait for it... tile edges before and after. Also, side note, look at that SKY!

Mereana has been working on the Save/Load menu. There has been a bit of discussion in the community about whether we should stick with these labels, or whether they might cause our localisation team some headaches. Or should we lean in to the silly even further? What do you think? Come on over to the Discord and join in the conversation!

Should they be "aight" and "yeah, nah" instead?

Tom has headed off on holiday now, but before he went he put in some hard work on concepting Kewa’s plates for our Polish 3D artist Rafał, creating a full design brief so that Rafał can keep working while Tom’s away.

Every good design brief includes memes.

Meanwhile, I am a panellist on the talk about Ecology and Climate in Strategy Games at Tacticon, and I’ll also be involved in the Cross Pacific Game Jam for high school students from NZ and Japan. I enjoy talking about what we do and telling people about our awesome team that I’m so proud of!

'Something a Mummy Would Play'... because it's on Mother's Day, of course.

Next time, we’ll have some fun team photos to share as our remote staff are coming to Dunedin and we’re all heading to the Festival of Interactive Narrative and Storytelling in the weekend. On the agenda:

  • Butterflies
  • Axe throwing
  • Hearing indigenous stories of our local area
  • Emily’s talk!
  • Mummies

See you all again soon! Remember to wishlist Beyond These Stars and sign up for our newsletter!