Balancing Monkey Games is looking for a part time Community Manager!

Balancing Monkey Games is hiring!! We are looking for an experienced Community Manager to join our team. The role will be part time--16 hours per week--and fixed term--until three months after the full version of our new game is released. Please click here for the full job ad and here for our Studio Handbook.

Emily, our amazing Community Manager for the last nearly four years, took on the additional role of Narrative Designer some time ago, and has recently come to the "annoying realisation" that she had to make a choice between the two jobs. She'll still be around to make sure that the new person gets integrated into the team in the best way possible.

So why would you want to work with Balancing Monkey Games? Here's what it says on the box:

We offer:

  • a four day work week 
  • remote/hybrid work
  • health insurance
  • travel to local conferences
  • an annual training budget to help you be the best game developer you can be.