"Our first playable chunk is feature-complete!"

We've reached a very exciting milestone: our first playable chunk is feature-complete! It’s now possible to play through the game to the point where you can build up sufficient resources to enable you to launch your Home Spaceship (that your Peeps arrived on) to find a new area to settle. 

We’ve been tweaking some of our studio processes to try to help everyone get through all the work without burning out. We’re experimenting with having a “Quiet Time” every afternoon from 1 till 4 pm, to enable people to access “flow-state” working, and we’ve implemented it particularly to support our programmers, who really struggle to do deep and difficult work if they’re interrupted. It’s a bit of a challenge for those of us in the studio who really need (or just like) to bounce ideas off others, but we’re willing to try new things if it helps the team! 

Nina has been running tests and tests and more tests, playtests and otherwise, and creating screeds of tickets for the developers to tidy up over the next month. As always with bugs, some of these are easy to squish, while others are more elusive or involve design decisions and re-balancing. It’s not glamorous work, and hard to show off with a nice gif, but it’s essential if we want our game to actually be fun to play!

In the meantime, Tom made grass. And also vines.

Work-in-progress image of a lush grassy meadow containing a copse of trees
Work-in-progress closeup view of the grass texture containing pretty pink wildflowers
A peep gazing meditatively at the horizon over a grassy plateau with vines hanging from its edge
You know you’re a game developer when you get really excited about how pretty the grass looks.

Isaac has given Kewa an atmosphere.

A work-in-progress view of Kewa in space surrounded by a hazy atmosphere
(Atmocone? Atmofrustum? What do you call it when it’s not a sphere but kinda conical with a rounded end?)
Side by side images of a village on Kewa's back, the first with clear empty air, the second with a haze of atmosphere
Before... and after

And finally, Sam updated our loading screens, plus with Sarah’s help caused chaos on our TikTok.

Screenshotted snippets of code: EmployChildren
peeps must obey
Play (withChildren); Stop (withChildren);

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