and also things they didn't ask

The most ordered food place for the office?

Hashi for top-notch great value Japanese, just around the corner from the office. We’re heading there in the photo at the top of the page. Between us we took up ⅓ of all the available tables. Sadly, Emily couldn't make it down to Dunedin for this week of hanging out and future planning. Just for kicks here's a cool image showing how far we've come in the last year or so!

Who is the most likely to accidentally delete the entire game?

Tom “Ctrl + A + Delete” Garden. This was the consensus after some discussion.

This was a while ago. He has a lot more hair these days.

Any new LEGO sets built?

No, but Sam is currently working on a model of a flower shop and doing stuff in the garden while he’s taking a short holiday. He says he’s an “active relaxer.”

The goal
The progress
The steps

What office innovation are you the most excited about?

Our new compost bin! We're doing our best to bring environment-friendly practices to work, and sorting and minimising our waste is an easy one to do.

According to the box this was supposed to be super easy to put together. Ha ha. Maybe if you have longer arms and stronger hands than I do... I got there in the end, though it's not perfect. It'll do.
These were easy to put together though, and packaged with no plastic, and certified from sustainable wood sources! *love*

Whose during-meeting doodles are the coolest?

You tell us! Come on over to the Discord and vote!

Our team is incredibly talented.

I guess I should probably say something about our trip to NZGDC, especially since I gave a talk, but maybe I’ll just post some photos. We had a great time, and it's much less nerve-wracking when you've been a few times and lots of people know you already.