"There are two notes in here that were hot topics among the community - slowing down the speed of the game, and adding an option to exit the tutorial early."

Happy Friday and patch day! Patch 1.0241 is now live on EGS and Steam.

There are two notes in here that were hot topics among the community - slowing down the speed of the game, and adding an option to exit the tutorial early. There are other handy fixes too.

Enjoy playing!

Patch 1.0241

Fixed an issue that meant Submarines could get stuck if two of them were exploring the same Sunken Ruin

  • Fixed an issue causing Airships to disappear if they headed out over unexplored tiles
  • Fixed an issue where Passenger Airships were reporting when they finished loading passengers on a shipping lane, spamming too many notifications
  • To finish off a fix from our previous patch, planets that have been badly affected by a Space Whale attack before they had a chance to get established (by building a Space Port or colonising a second island) now get some Peeps and resources added back into them
  • Pausing the game now pauses the autosave timer. If the timer was close to autosaving, the next autosave will trigger like normal, and then it won't trigger more after that
  • Changed tutorial text from "middle mouse button" to "mouse scroll wheel"
  • The Idle Ship button now counts and cycles through Airships
  • Fixed the localization of the Filtering upgrade using the wrong languages
  • Fixed a couple of it's/its issues
  • The Music technology now lists the correct Happiness effect of Musicians
  • Submarines that are automatically delivering to a Port, on finding the Port is full, will now drop to Manual mode
  • Musicians now correctly hide in Shelters on a Space Whale attack
  • Fields and Forests affected by weather now return to their proper speed when the weather leaves, rather than after finishing their next production cycle
  • Sound output now correctly switches when changed in Windows
  • Added the ability to select 1/2 and 1/4 game speeds (by using the '-' button or Ctrl-Clicking the 1x speed button)
  • Updated the Move Ship sfx to be less annoying
  • Key bindings menu is now correctly translated on changing languages
  • Fixed the Expansionist achievement (colonise 7 planets in one game)
  • Fixed the layout of research on the Technology panel, when you've got 5 types of research
  • Fixed an issue with starting the tutorial on a new install, quitting to the menu and then clicking the Continue button
  • Fixed a bunch of issues reported by the Unity Diagnostics
  • Fixed Apocalypse Soon forgetting about a bunch of advanced resources stored in the initial Shelter on Save/Load
  • Stop changing in-game language to the Steam configured language once a different language has been selected
  • Fixed a couple of translation issues
  • Added an option to allow players to cancel the tutorial once they’ve reached the end of the Shipping section
  • Fixed the speed of scrolling in the Shipping Manifest
  • Rendering optimisations