"We've got buildable tiles being displayed, and a new much clearer UI"

Oh my, what a week it's been in camp Balancing Monkey!  Most of the week has been spent fixing a metric boatload of bugs and working on the user interface - making things much easier and more enjoyable to interact with, and lots clearer as to what's going on.  If you look back at last Friday you can see what the state of things was then, but now it looks like this:

So we've got buildable tiles being displayed, and a new much clearer UI for constructing buildings and showing what those buildings are doing.  I don't mind if you look at that and go "he's kidding right - that's as opaque as a brick wall" - the fine layout and art that make these things really sing is very much MIA.  I know it's better, and that's what counts at the moment.

The other thing I did this week was put out an initial call for artists to work on Before with me.  The response to that has been very gratifying, with many of the respondents having really spectacular skill with pushing around the pixels.  I'm really looking forward to digging through portfolios properly next week!

Speaking of next week, I'm planning on adding actual new gameplay for the first time in many moons.  I'm really looking forward to telling you about it, just as soon as I decide which of the possible new systems to go for first!

See you all on Monday!