"the hexagon tiles can make it a challenge to design as it is an odd shape"

It's 5:08pm on a Friday afternoon and I have to get this blog post done before I knock off. My brain is braining as well as a big old wet soggy pasta snack that's been left on the bench for the weekend. That analogy made no sense, that is where I am at right about now.

Hello and welcome to dev blog #3. My name is Tom Garden and I am the Lead Artist at Balancing Monkey Games. My brain is like mushy peas. Have you ever eaten mushy peas? My friend made it one time. It's simply mushed up peas. I was in my late 20's when I first had it. Could you imagine? Late 20's! Its even better when you add some sour cream in there too. I think it's an English thing? RIP Queenie.

Here's an image of some concept art. One of my jobs is to design the buildings for our next game: This means talking to Sam and the team about what properties/function the building will have and designing it appropriately. You might find when looking at the drawings how accurate they are in terms of perspective - this is because I will go back and forth building it in a 3D programme (Maya) so I can create something that looks great from all angles, as well as fit onto a group of hexagon tiles (the tiles can make it a challenge to design sometimes as it is an odd shape).

Once the 3D draft has been made, I will usually paint over a screenshot of the 3D model in Photoshop. At this stage, this is all about showing what materials the building will use as well as if it's painted and the condition it's in. This isn't just to make a pretty picture! This image will be seen by Sam and if he likes what he sees, I will send it off to our 3D Modeller, Rafał who lives in Poland. If the concept art is clear, he should have no problem recreating a high resolution version of it to throw in the game.

That's about all I can show you guys at this point because we're still keeping things pretty secret so I will end this with a Haiku:

Game Dev eternal
pain and suffering na jokes
Space Whales are Fun as.