"These are the patch notes for the upcoming Scenario update."

Hello! These are the patch notes for the upcoming Scenario update. They're much shorter than our previous patch notes due to having fewer fixes, but much larger and more time intensive features. This update will also be available on our Epic and Steam versions of the game.


There are now 4 scenarios, made with the help of our community! Thanks everyone. Scenarios alter the way Before We Leave plays:

  • “Apocalypse Soon” tells a story of how your Peeps ended up in the underground Shelter at the start of the game. It’s a race against time to try to save your Peeps! This scenario is based on the Story Game that was in our Discord in early 2020.
  • “Getting Busy” challenges you to keep all your Peeps happy when the rules for how more Peeps are created get changed
  • "Planning Committee” messes with the rules for placing buildings
  • “Seed Hunter” gives you a game where you can’t build Fields for food until you’ve found new seeds to plant. 
  • There’s also a couple of Easter eggs for people that have read their Historical Documents, or the Story game that was in our Discord in early 2020.


  • New weather systems that roam around planets
  • Weather can be hot or cold, dry or wet, and windy or calm. Some islands have some of these settings already (Desert Islands are hot and dry, Snow Islands are wet and cold)
  • Hot/Cold causes Fatigue - Desert and Snow islands now cause fatigue as a result of their default weather settings
  • Hot/Cold and Wet/Dry affect how productive fields are
  • Windy affects movement of both Peeps and Ships, and also how productive Wind Power Generators are
  • New Overlay added to display weather systems and effects, and the Fertility top-bar dropdown also displays the current weather settings for the island
  • There's a new game difficulty setting to control weather in your games


  • You can now invent and construct Airships.
  • Trade and Colony Airships work about the same as their ocean counterparts, except that they can trade/colonise into the middle of islands.
  • Passenger Airships allow you to set up trade routes for Peeps, either to quickly populate a new Island, or to continuously ship Happy Peeps one way and Sad Peeps back the other way, so you can cheer Sad Peeps up on a nicer Island
  • Also added a new large colony ship!


  • 56 achievements on both Steam and Epic - many thanks to our Discord community for their help with making these!


  • Left-click or Escape now skips over the Unity/Fmod/Balancing Monkey logos
  • Fixed an issue where you can't detach spaceships from their lane or switch their lane
  • Crystal island no longer needs an Aegis Shield for the planet to be fully shielded
  • Fixed graphical glitch on load game buttons
  • Indigestible buildings on uncolonised islands still disappear when a Space Whale eats them
  • Fixed scroll speed on dropdown when making a new shipping lane
  • You can no longer skip a phase in the tutorial by creating a shipping lane before selecting Tools
  • Whales now target Whale Charmer planet regardless of Shield status
  • Fixed an issue with grass not drawing properly
  • Peeps come out of landed Colony Spaceships faster
  • Fixed an issue where a Whale attack while someone is crossing a bridge could end up with a Peep in a weird state
  • In occupancy overlay, unoccupied Libraries should register as Not Operating
  • Peeps no longer go and work at fields with no roads
  • You can no longer preview fertilities on a new planet by pressing escape while zooming into the planet
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading space ports
  • Clicking on a notification saying a Spaceship is ready when it's finished loading passengers now takes you to the spaceship, not to the space port
  • Fixed an issue where the cliff sides wouldn't update if they got really polluted then cleaned up
  • Fixed an issue where the text of Hints would occasionally overrun their dialog
  • Fixed an issue with grass highlighting not updating for tiles that appear after the highlight is turned on
  • Resized the red warning triangle for buildings where the island doesn't have enough resources to complete it
  • Fixed an issue where you'd get multiple music tracks playing if the first island you colonise isn't a desert island

Players who own Before We Leave on EGS and Steam -

THANK YOU! You're AWESOME and we appreciate your support more than you know! ♥

We want to give you a heads up about a potential issue. It's quite unlikely this will effect you but we wanted to warn people nonetheless.

A while ago, a small percentage of our testers had an issue where installing the Steam version as well as Epic caused all their saved games to be deleted! We've tested extensively since then, and we believe the issue is fixed, but because of the nature of this type of bug we can't be 100% certain.

We recommend going to "C:\Users<USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Balancing Monkey Games" and making a copy of the entire "Before We Leave" folder before installing from Steam. Once you've installed and played the game on Steam, things should be fine after that, so you don't need to worry about it beyond the initial Steam installation.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the update! If you have any feedback you'd like to give us, come to our Discord - we'd love to hear your thoughts.