"Patch v1.0245.72 for Xbox, Playstation and the Switch has been released."

Hey console peeps!

Patch v1.0245.72 for Xbox, Playstation and the Switch has been released. You can find the patch notes below:

  • Fix for Peeps not fetching food/water on the island despite it being available
  • Optimised simulation
  • Fixed the Apocalypse Soon scenario not ending
  • Remove Crystal resource from default Apocalypse Soon configuration
  • Fixed various navigation and control soft-lock issues
  • Fixed some resource tool tips
  • Research window timing issue fix
  • Check for peep indicator fix
  • Tooltip optimisation
  • Fix camera position when navigating to new planet
  • Fix spaceship landing tile left thumbstick movement
  • Fix tile selection after switching planets
  • Fixed hint randomisation issue

Many thanks to everyone who reported their issues to Team17. If you have further issues on the console versions of Before We Leave, please continue to report them via this link. You can also join our Discord for assistance from our lovely player community.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!