"Before We Leave is coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on November 23rd 2021!"

With the help of our friends at Team17 and Do Games, our cosy-citybuilder Before We Leave is coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on November 23rd 2021 (or November the 24th if you’re in NZ like us)!

Bringing Before We Leave to a console has been something we’ve been weighing up since we first launched the game, but now we’re actually doing it! All of us at the studio are really excited, and I hope you are too. 

I've put together a small FAQ for those of you with questions - if something you're curious about isn't answered here, please feel free to join our Discord and ask us there!

Since BWL is coming out on Xbox, does that mean it’ll be coming to other storefronts and consoles?

Maybe. We’re not sure yet. Sit tight, and we’ll give you an answer at some point - probably through next year! We'd love to bring BWL to as many storefronts and consoles as possible but it's quite a big process. The Xbox version of Before We Leave has been in development for around 6 months alone, which is actually pretty fast for a console port!

Will I be able to play Before We Leave on Game Pass with a PC?

Yes! Absolutely.

Who created the Xbox version of Before We Leave?

Team17 and DO Games! Since we’re such a small studio, we definitely couldn’t have done it without them. We give them our thanks!

Can I play Before We Leave on PC using an Xbox controller now?

Unfortunately not. If you want to play BWL using a controller, you’ll need to play it on your Xbox. We’d love to add controller support for PC, but right now it's presenting too much of a technical challenge. If we change our minds, we’ll let you know!

Are you still developing new content for BWL?

Of course! Check out our latest news video here for more information.

If I’m having issues with Before We Leave on Xbox or Gamepass, can you help me?

We can assist you with gameplay questions, but for hardware/account/miscellaneous issues you’ll need to go through Team17 by clicking this link.