"This is the news so many of you have been waiting for!"

Kia ora Peeps, I have some extremely exciting news for you all - the announcement of our new game!

A Space Whale with a settlement of Peeps on it's back adventuring space.
Adventure through the starry abyss with the Peeps on the back of a Space Whale


This is the news so many of you have been waiting for!

Our new game (aka Project Charlie) is a city builder set on the back of a giant whale who is flying through space. The sequel to Before We Leave, it will add new elements of discovery, and a poignant story, lightly told. Alongside our in-house team, the artists and sound designers that created Before We Leave are hard at work on the project, to create a relaxing and atmospheric experience.


What is a "Project Charlie"?

It's the code name for our new game!

How long have you been developing the new game for?

We began phasing between Before We Leave and our new game in January 2022. As of September 2022, all of us are now working on the new game pretty much full time!

How many people are working on the new game?

There are 7 employees at Balancing Monkey who are working on it, plus 5 contractors so far.

When will it be released?

When it's done! Sorry we can't be more precise.

The concept art is cool, but I want to see more! When will that happen?

Eventually 😉

Who is this?

Is your new game related to Before We Leave at all?

Yep! Project Charlie is the sequel to Before We Leave.

What platform (or platforms) will it be available on?

Definitely PC! That's all we know at this stage.

Any sort of multiplayer this time?

Not sure. Stay tuned for more info.

Are you self publishing, or do you have a publisher again?

We're still figuring this out. Again, stay tuned for more info.

I'd love to help test your new game - how can I do that?

Awesome! We're not at that stage yet, but we'll be making the necessary announcements when we are. Consider joining our Discord!

Wait, what about Before We Leave?

Apart from the occasional bug fix patch, work on Before We Leave is complete. Thank you very much for your support ❤

What's the best way to support Balancing Monkey Games while you work on your new project?

You can always buy Before We Leave, and you can also interact with our social media posts! You can see all of that and more here!

Thanks for reading gang, I am bursting to tell you more information as soon as I can. What we're making is so cool.


- Emily, Community Manager