"We've included some great fixes and tweaks in this patch, some of which were suggested by the community!"

Hi everyone! This is the most recent round of fixes post Wasteland-update. We've included some great fixes and tweaks in this patch, some of which were suggested by the community! Thanks again folks!


  • Storage Hub next to a Deep Mine only stores the appropriate single resource
  • In a game with Starting Pollution set, tiles won't instantly turn to Toxic on settling on a new Island
  • Only show the "Port is nearly full" notification if the Port is actually nearly full (it used to also count resources that were on their way to the island on Ships, but had not yet arrived - which was confusing)
  • In a game that has Smart Shipping enabled, loading hints about the old Shipping Lanes no longer shows
  • Removed text from Research Institute technology description about not needing Libraries on all islands, as you don't need that now
  • Fixed a bug when generating a new game with Starting Pollution, that was setting pollution values incorrectly for placed-at-start Toxic Wastelands
  • Fixed a couple of bugs around loading/saving games containing Reclamation Spires
  • Fixed a bug where researching Packing multiple times would cause Warehouses and Storage Hubs to store way more resources than they should
  • In Smart Shipping, Space Port islands set to Fill (or a large desired amount) will start shipping the resource to other Islands on the Planet once they reach 1/3 full, so that sub-Islands don't get starved of resources
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Smart Shipping to completely halt in certain situations when you upgrade a Port (or Space Port or Air Port)
  • Changing the Recipe on an upgraded Building will cause attached Storage Hubs to properly evaluate what they should now be storing
  • Fixed notifications for finishing Repeatable Research
  • Added Adjacency Bonus display for buildings affected by Workshop Hubs
  • Changed Irrigation upgrades to require Electronics instead of Gadgets
  • Did a bunch of tweaks to improve Smart Shipping especially around shipping between Planets as per community feedback; thank you everyone!
  • Fixed an issue that didn't unlock Decontaminator technology if your first encounter with Toxic tiles was landing on an Island that already had one
  • Irrigation technology now unlocks the Electronics Mine
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Peeps to stop fetching resources
  • Fixed a couple of other internal things

Thanks for reading!