"Craft your own unique planets to play and share in the latest feature update to Before We Leave!"


The Planet Editor

  • There's a new Planet Editor option in the Main Menu! 
  • On Steam, planets can be shared using Steam Workshop
  • On Epic Game Store and Steam you can export custom planets as files that can be shared with friends

Main game

  • New Game dialog in the Main Menu is different to accommodate the Planet Editor’s addition to the game
  • Achievements are disabled in games with Custom Planets, as it would be too easy to create planets designed to grant many of them straight away
  • You can Ctrl-Click on a Building button to access a list of upgraded versions of that building, in both Planet Editor and the normal game.
  • In the Planet Editor you can also use this to choose things like exactly which type of tree you want to place, or to choose between normal or passive Guardians
  • Technologies have a coloured border according to the highest required technology type, to hopefully help people realise why they haven't unlocked the rest of the tree yet when they need to find another tech type
  • Large Whales are now more balanced:
  • The first couple of Large Whale attacks are deliberately not too damaging, to give the player time to adapt
  • Better balance of Whale attack sizes depending the size of the planet they're eating
  • If a Whale is already on it's way when you finish the Whale Charmer, the existing whale is updated to be able to complete the game, rather than summoning another separate whale
  • The attack summary notification notes the requirement for inventing/building Shields to protect against Large Whales
  • If a Large Whale arrives after you've built the Whale Charmer, but your Shield is still on, the endgame is no longer triggered - as should be expected from the description.  But it immediately summons a new Whale, which will turn up more quickly so you don’t need to wait for ages for it
  • In normal games, you no longer require Road access to construct a Forest


  • Added more Tips on the Loading Screen
  • You can now Tab/Shift-Tab between text boxes where it makes sense, both in-game and in the Planet Editor
  • Added some new tooltips:
  • Population counter in the left hand side of the Top Bar tells you the Idle Peeps/Empty Slots numbers
  • Construction Resources next to the Population Counter now tell you how many you're creating/using per minute
  • Previous/Next island buttons tell you the island you'll change to
  • Mousing over a building (or construction site) shows you what building it is
  • Anywhere where a number is being rounded to the nearest thousand, the tooltip should now give the actual value
  • Buildings that can be constructed by homeless Peeps now indicate this in their building preview card
  • Historical Document dialog shows a number for how many you've earned
  • In Main Menu, moved Load Game to come just under New Game


  • Changed the look of Rainforest Tiles to be different to Grass tiles, now that it's possible to have both on a single Island
  • Fixed a bug where colonising a planet with Purple Research on the first island wouldn't unlock all the Guardian-technologies
  • Added a max range to the Sphinx, just in case someone puts one on a really large island
  • Fixed an issue where power wasn't flowing through power lines because of a resource cache sitting on a tile border
  • When a production building is off, smoke turns off too
  • Tile highlighting is much brighter over ocean tiles now, so it's easier to see valid/invalid placements
  • Fixed an issue that was trapping a Minotaur if Astrobaleenium turns up right underneath it
  • Protective Clothing technology now states it gives access to the Protective Elevator too
  • In the Language Selection dropdown, made the tick larger so it's easier to see which language is selected
  • Fixed Upgraded Iron Mines so they connect to Power Lines properly
  • Fixed an issue with unlocked hidden achievements not displaying correctly
  • Moved the selection ring for Protective Elevator
  • Fixed the Apocalypse Soon and See Hunter scenarios failing to load
  • If the Crystal Island spawns in ocean tiles that haven't yet been explored, it now displays correctly
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the game to stay on the loading screen if the loading process failed - it now goes back to the main menu and displays an error dialog
  • Updated the road texture under Protective Elevators
  • Ruined Orchards now have ruined looking trees
  • Corrected texturing of ruined Marketplaces
  • Fixed chimney smoke coming out of some buildings with the Filtering upgrade
  • Fixed animation for felling a tree when the Forest is next to a cliff