Kia ora folks, we have a small patch for EGS and Steam! 🙌 Thanks as always to everyone who reported bugs, we appreciate you letting us know.

EGS and Steam patch - V 1.0340 

  • "Missing Entry" in French changed to "Entrée manquante"
  • In French, when a player gets a new Discovery notification, the title wasn’t translated
  • Fixed issue with the building placement highlighting - valid placements for the Desalination Plant near inland water were not being highlighted
  • Tooltip for the Remove button on a Smart Shipping resource was incorrect - always changed to talk about Cotton
  • Spaceships that have not been launched yet are no longer listed in the Smart Shipping spaceship UI
  • Middle-clicking on a building rapidly should no longer cause a drop in performance
  • If you start the Tutorial and save your game after building 3 roads but no Huts, you’re no longer blocked on reloading
  • Performance improved when opening the Island summary dialog on heavily populated Islands
  • On Graphics settings less than High, Toxic Tiles are no longer invisible
  • Fixed an issue with Shipping Lanes when they’re attached to a Space Port that is being upgraded

Thanks for reading! 👋