"Everything is cool when you're part of a team!"

Hey there!

One word to describe work life lately? Busy

What a view!

One saying to describe work life lately? “Content baby, content”

I’m now juggling two roles within Balancing Monkey! My days consist of 50% Producer and 50% Social Media Manager, and honestly it’s been so much fun! 

It’s definitely something to get used to and adapt to though, as I open my tripod and set it up for the best lighting to film a TikTok video, then next minute I’m focusing on sprint and milestone planning (while switching back to our social tabs every once in a while to make sure our posts are performing well). Talk about having all the tabs open in your brain all at one time. 

One of the many things I’ve loved most about adding social media to my every day? I feel like I’m finally getting to know our community more! Keep popping up in the comments, I love to see you all hanging out! While I’m also on this content creation train, I wanted to plug that we had two videos perform really well recently! Like really well! As in…one of them got 39.6K views and the other, 38.5K! Only upwards from here, and we simply love to see it. 

Life as Producer at Balancing Monkey continues to become more and more exciting. I may not be one of the ones programming or drawing the art that’s going into this game, but seeing it evolve from where the project was in March (for example) and now December, and having a hand in that creation and design! Woah.

I’m convinced my team are wizards, it’s the only answer as to how they can do what they do. This is a BMG appreciation dev blog now, I don’t make the rules. 

I celebrated my one year anniversary with Balancing Monkey back in September, and wow…have I come a long way. I’ve now learnt so many things associated with my job and role that I wouldn't have necessarily known even a few months ago, and have even branched out to improving my gaming skills (especially aim…). I think the team secretly enjoyed hearing about how far through Mass Effect I was, and what decisions I was making along the way (but that’s a story for another day).

We’ve got so many exciting things to show you all, and talk about - and we can hardly wait! But as we wrap up the year, I think I can speak for the whole team here, that we’re feeling SO grateful for the support that you (our community) show us. 

So, Merry Christmas and I can’t wait to chat to you all next year! 

Sarah :)