All the things

When you're a solo indie dev, you need to do ALL the things, and these last couple of weeks have really proved that to me.  I've:

  • Done heaps of bugfixing for the space gameplay, which quite predictably threw up all sorts of issues  
  • Advanced some major biz-dev stuff a whole bunch further forward  
  • Spent the last week hanging out in the Runaway Play offices for a change of scene  
  • Made it so that players can finally name (and overwrite) their save games  
  • Worked with Rafal on the visual update to buildings that has been in progress for a while - trying to hash out the best way to make things look good and render fast, without having to spend ages and ages on updating everything  
  • Pushed out a significant update to how part of the UI works, which has rearranged lots of stuff and made some important things (like exactly why your building isn't functioning at the moment) clearer  
  • Added 4 new music tracks to the game  
  • Went into a tailspin about how much stuff I've got to do before release, and then pulled out of it again thanks to the help and advice of my wife (and company co-director)

Half-formed planet with glow behind it

All of which brings me to the best part.  My wife has always been co-director of Balancing Monkey Games along with me, but we've decided it's time for her to start taking a more active role, so to that end we've decided that I'm Creative Director and she's Managing Director, which fits our different skills and experience nicely!