"The biggest thank you to the people who made Before We Leave possible. You’re all amazing."

Before We Leave has launched!

It’s been a very busy time, and the team and I sure have our work cut out for us! But before I talk about any of that, there’s some people who I want to say a big thank you to.

  • To the amazing Discord community, thank you for the love, laughs and hype you’ve given us. Special thanks to the mods and beta testers who were crucial through the game’s development - thank you for your dedication and volunteering your time to help us.  
  • To Wahid, Kaeona, and the rest of the Vicarious PR team - thank you for your expertise and diligence on our journey to launch! We couldn’t have done it without you. Additional thanks to Keywords Studios for our QA & Localisation!  
  • Massive thanks to the Kiwi Game Development community for supporting us. The NZGDA has been especially wonderful, providing us with funding through the Kiwi Game Starter in 2019. Additional thanks to the folks at Dry Cactus Games as well, your help was invaluable!  
  • And last but not least, the biggest thank you to the people who made Before We Leave possible - Anna Barham, Isaac Bennett, Rafał Urbański, Edd Coats, Benedict Nichols, James Dean, Tim Ponting, Christian Akacro, Saf Davison and Emily Latta. You’re all amazing.  

There are many others not mentioned here who have impacted BWL’s development - you’re all very much appreciated. Thank you!

Happy little town with fountain and hexagonal clouds

So now we're into the post-launch period.  Thankfully, there don't seem to be any big nasty bugs that need urgent fixing.  Plenty of issues are being found with the larger number of players of course, and our main focus for the next week or so is just sorting through those and fixing as many as possible - looking for those with the most impact to begin with.

After that, we'll start looking to the future - planning a roadmap for how we'll keep improving Before We Leave into the future!