"We're having a pretty exciting time here at Balancing Monkey Games!"

We're having a pretty exciting time here at Balancing Monkey Games!  We've just had a few days where all of us were in the same city talking about what we want this studio to be, and what to do in the future and all that.  Just the fact that I can type "all of us" is a pretty amazing milestone, given how this all started!

One of the things that came out of all of that is we decided we need to start taking our planning a bit more seriously, so we're taking on more of Agile development - we've always done it in a very halfbaked way, but we're now doing it more properly :)  We just finished our first properly planned Sprint, although it was only 3 days long to fill in to the end of this week.  We finished all our planned tasks a little early so now I've got time to write a blog!

As for what's going on with the game, we're working on our next major update, currently called the "Biome Update".  It's still early days on that, but we've already got most of the big ticket items done enough that testing on them will start next week.  We're fundamentally changing aspects of how we generate all the islands and planets in the game in order to make games more varied and interesting, so that needs to be tested a bunch, which is why we're getting this part done right at the start of development.

One of the things we're adding are some new island biomes, including the Swamp biome.  We're also adding new ways that islands can be shaped.  When you combine them, you can get things like this, which I think will be quite interesting to play around with!

Oh, most importantly, seeing as we were all together, we managed to capture us all on film!  Say hello to the whole of Balancing Monkey Games:

The moustaches are all completely real.  Yup.  Not fake at all...