"Oh my, so very many things are going on!"

Indie development is an interesting beastie!

Oh my, so very many things are going on!  Indies game development is a crazy thing to do - so many different things you need to be aware of and doing, all at once!  It's pretty exhilarating too though :)

In the few weeks that have passed since I posted here last, we've:

  • Added a gorgeous final user interface to the game!  
  • Added translations for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese!  
  • Done a huge amount of work making the game smoother and more fun to play in ways small and large  
  • Added a beautiful new construction effect, which really just polishes the look of the game so much :)  
  • Released the game to streamers and YouTubers, and gotten an amazing amount of coverage from content creators both small and large!  And everyone seems to be really enjoying playing it too, which is just so heartening  
  • And we announced our release date - Before We Leave is going live on May 8th!  That's 16,440 minutes!  Thanks to the Epic Store team posting the date announcement we've had a gigantic response in terms of social engagement and wishlists on the store

Planet showing user interface

Finally I just want to say thank you so much to all of you, who have been following this journey, some of you for a long long time.  It's been really encouraging to me in some of the difficult times, just knowing there are people out there, some known to me and some total strangers, but all following and liking what I'm doing!