"I don't want to give unnecessary headspace to the evils of this world"

I have to say, I'm feeling conflicted about writing this blog.  This week in New Zealand has been ... difficult, but frankly I don't want to give unnecessary headspace to the evils of this world so that's enough.

For me, this week has mostly been about getting ready for GDC.  We've updated the front website (go take a look!), made a 'trailer' to show people on my phone and I've done all the getting-ready-to-travel stuff I can think of.

I also got to the point where I didn't want to do anything significant in the code for fear of breaking the demo I'm taking away with me, so I made a branch and started adding 'doohickeys'.  The idea here is that there are tiny wee things scattered around the world, left over from previous civilizations that you can find and click on.

At the moment when you do you just find a few extra resources, but once I'm done you'll sometimes find technological marvels like time dilation devices that make a building run twice as fast, or matter replicators that make them produce double the output for the same input.  I've got plans for something of a metagame with them too, allowing players to keep doohickeys they find for later playthroughs...

Right, time to go do family stuff.  See you on the other side of GDC