"I was at the NZGDC conference waiting anxiously to find out if I'd won..."

NZGDC, Kiwi Game Starter and QA

I've got a good excuse for not posting last week - I was at the NZGDC conference waiting anxiously to find out if I'd won the Kiwi Game Starter Competition.  And then I did, which is just the most awesome thing!  It feels really amazing to have the validation that the judges (all successful industry professionals) thought that my game was worth it!

The prize is $25,000 NZ, which is going to really help with making Before We Leave just as great as it can be - more news on how real soon - plus mentoring, which is actually even more significant to me than the money - getting some advice and mentoring from people already successful in the industry is how I got this far, so I'm really looking forward to that!

The rest of the NZGDC conference was awesome too!  The theme was "Taking care of ourselves and each other", so amongst the awesome technical talks there were lots of presentations about the 'softer' side of looking after yourself and your team mates and your communities, which I really appreciated.

As for this week, I've been having a bunch of conversations with people that had been on hold until NZGDC and Kiwi Game Starter was out of the way.  The main one that affects all you lovely people is that I'll be doing a live QA session (and streaming the game a little) on Sunday at 9pm EST (Monday 1pm NZST, or Monday 1am UTC). I hope to see you all there!  There'll be space for questions for the audience and some giveaways too!