"Thank you Unity Asset Store!"

Another week, another amazing amount of progress.  This week I've been working on the trailer some more - it's getting so close to ready!  But we decided the game really needed one more VFX pass to make everything look just as sweet as possible, so (thank you Unity Asset Store!) I added new water:

I'm going to do the same for the grass as well - nice wavy grass :)

I've also had someone join me to help with various production related stuff.  He's been playing the game to get a feel for it and I've gotten SO MUCH FEEDBACK from him, all positive and constructive, so the rest of the week has been picking the low-hanging fruit from all of that.  Oh, and a new Space Whale model that is also looking awesome.  So many things that I can't quite show off yet!

Next week : grass and heaps more feedback-implementation.  See you all next Friday!