"We're now in day 2 of our Coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand."

The only constant

So all of a sudden the entire world has changed!  We're now in day 2 of our Coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand.  Luckily I already work from home, and my kids are old enough to look after themselves mostly, so it's actually almost like normal for me, which is very lucky, but also feels very strange!

As for progress on Before We Leave, over the last couple of weeks it's mostly just been business as usual - fixing and polishing heaps of stuff, directing people working on final art, UI, sound and music etc.  It's kinda hard to pull anything out of that to report, but I'll try!

Factories working at night with glorious lighting effects

  • We've rewritten the tutorial to be more friendly and streamlined  
  • We've added even more graphical polish - stuff like night time lighting, which is awesome
  • We've fixed so many bugs I lose count!

The main thing I'm looking forward to now is the (art for the) final polished should be completed in a few days.  I'm *really* looking foward to getting that into the game!