"We have workers with tools! And texturing on the tiles!"

Well, for this week I think that image almost speaks for itself.  We have workers with tools!  And texturing on the tiles!  I'm just speechless at the amazing jump in quality this has brought in, and so grateful to the artist for bringing their amazing skills!  You can find them at https://www.artstation.com/brainchild

One important public service announcement though : In Unity, always remember to mark your Normal Maps as such.  Don't be like me and waste 4 hours looking for every other possible reason things don't look quite right!

I also did some play testing with some other game developers, checking that someone completely new to the game could work out how to play.  That was also really successful (in that it wasn't a disaster - they all worked it out with minimal help, and I came away with lots of great stuff to improve.  Two of them I even had to kick off cause they just wanted to keep playing!).  Most of the improvements are in, so the new-game experience is starting to feel really nice.

Right, time to go back and watch the workers carrying stuff around some more.  See you next week!